When it comes to any roofing system, a rain gutter is a vital part of the entire structure. It’s because rain gutters rainwater and stormwater from your roofing away from the foundation of your house. Clogged, missing, broken, or clogged gutters can cause water damage underneath your home’s exterior walls. Apart from that too much water amount or cascading water over your gutter can leak into your crawlspace or can take a toll on your foundation. To prevent such issues from happening, we highly recommend you to do gutter cleaning and gutter maintenance service from time to time.  

Clean out your gutters from time to time 

It is the responsibility of any property owner to clean their gutters regularly every few months to guarantee that the stormwater or rainwater can freely flow. Cleaning your gutters efficiently means that you have to get on a ladder and utilize a gutter trowel for scooping out the dirt and leaves that can possibly be found on the gutters. When you’re not that confident about using a ladder for gutter cleaning, know that there are many companies that provide gutter cleaning Vancouver that you can avail of.  

Check your downspouts for signs of obstructions 

Apart from gutter cleaning, downspouts must also be checked for clogs. If your downspouts are stuck with dirt, grime, debris, and dirt, expect that the water won’t have any place to go, causing water to spill and back-up over the sides especially if there’s a rainstorm. When you cannot see into your downspouts, you can utilize a garden hose using a pressure nozzle to clean any clogs and try out the flow.  

Do they need gutter maintenance? 

As you walk around your property regularly, take some time to visually check your gutters. If you can observe either crack, dropping gutters, corrosion, rust, small holes, gaps, or cracks, then perhaps you can fix and seal the leaks by yourself using a gutter seal. When the damage seems to be severe, or when your gutters are falling far from your property, you probably have to reach out to a gutter repair company to incorporate gutter brackets and change sections that are extremely harmed.  

Set up gutter guards to shield your gutters from debris 

gutter guard can aid in reducing the requirement for regular gutter cleaning. These devices fit inside or over your gutters and are intended to avoid twigs, leaves, and other things from falling into your gutters. Once you decide to install gutter guards, all you need to do is to brush the dirt and leaves off the guards. With this, you don’t really have to scoop and clean the gutter’s interior with water.  

Think about setting up downspout extensions 

Most downspouts just have splash blocks, which funnel and catch the water for some distance away from your house. Due to extreme water flow, these devices could be displaced. Meaning, water could pool all over your foundation or reach into your crawlspace especially if you fail to inspect your splash blocks and move them.